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ERKA-Bad in Erkelenz

The responsible treatment of water is not supported only for ethical and ecological reasons, but also for economic ones. Therefore, water parks are making more and more investments in modern automation technologies. It is only in this way that we can guarantee cost-effective operation in the future. Therefore, solutions that can be adapted in a flexible manner to individual contexts and that constantly provide clear information on the status of the facilities are required for visualization and operation. Moreover, these solutions should also allow for intuitive operation, and should also facilitate uncomplicated remote access, e.g. from the offices of the district swimming pool administration, or for maintenance purposes. ERKA-Bad in Erkelenz provides a successful example in this respect.

In order to be equipped for the future, the Rhineland municipality, Erkelenz invested almost 9.5 million EUR in the reconstruction of EKRA-Bad. The result was a modern sports and entertainment water park that opened for operation as a swimming facility on the 10th of March 2012, after a good year of construction. With six 25-metre lanes, a training swimming pool and a diving platform with one- and three-metre boards, it soon met the teaching and sports requirements. Jet stream pools, a baby area, massage jets and a tunnel slide with a length of almost 22 metres provide the necessary fun and wellness factor. An area of around 3,100 square metres and more than 1,000 square metres of water surfaces impose certain requirements for the technology used. Finally, the equipment must be safe and hygienic and must operate in a cost-effective, flawless manner, at peak times as well as in the event of a reduced number of visitors. 

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