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Stadthalle in Buchen

The architecturally challenging building with two rooms for events, the related foyer, a gallery and adjoining rooms, provides a suitable setting for concerts, balls or theatre performances. However, the multifunctional centre can also be used for conferences, fairs, congresses and other community events. The rooms are bright and air-conditioned. They can be darkened and are equipped with the most modern lighting and sound technology. Highly efficient process visualization ensures that the necessary, complex technology used can be operated simply and intuitively.

The WEBfactory 2010 visualization software has already proven its high degree of efficiency and practical use for many different applications. Finally, the range of uses of the web-based, modular SCADA/HMI systems covers the most diverse areas of application, ranging from building automation to complex industry or logistics equipment. The software for visualization, control and monitoring of machines and equipment can be easily configured for various projects thanks to the consistent use of standard components. Interfaces for all popular control system are available. Due to the fully vector-based graphical interface, supported by Microsoft Silverlight, visualization can be adapted without any losses to any screen size. Its high degree of efficiency in the field of building automation was proved once again in the case of the Stadthalle Buchen event centre. 

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