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Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart

The ingenious architecture admired by so many is not an end in itself: It centres around the vehicles exposed and their history. In addition to the stylish expositional areas the right lighting plays an important role. Art and technology work hand in hand here:

Lighting concepts developed by artists, implemented with modern control technology and software from WEBfactory, put the exposed items in the correct perspective for the visitor. Many companies have collaborated to the construction of the Mercedes Benz Museum. One of them is the Göppingen-based company Speidel GmbH & Co. KG. Its main areas of business are electrical installations in industrial and public constructions as well as machine and system technology with all the connected activities.

As a service provider for building automation, the company was entrusted among others with the automation of the lighting technology. With over 18,000 lights in the entire museum building, this is no easy task. For lighting control in building automation, Speidel trusts the solutions offered by WEBfactory. 

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