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Systems made up of inflexible, static mosaic images for the visualization and large control panels for controlling processes no longer correspond to current technology. Today an operator wants to be informed of the processes in his system at any time and regardless of his whereabouts. WEBfactory has the solution. With the SCADA/HMI software from WEBfactory any systemregardless of its size and function, can be monitored via the internet and provide the required flexibility. When it comes to freezing food, for example, web-based process automation systems for the monitoring of the actual state of the system via internet are the choice of the moment.

In case of classical cryogenic conservation procedures, the food cell structure is very often prejudiced, changing the flavour and destroying valuable vitamins. In such a case, due to the slow decrease in temperature, ice crystals form inside the frozen product, destroying the cell membrane.

Cryogenic flash freezing, on the other hand, is a procedure for the production of frozen foods, during which the temperature of the food to be frozen reaches -18 °C, or the deep freeze state within a few minutes. In this process, the cooling agent, liquid carbon dioxide at -79°C or liquid nitrogen at -196 °C is sprayed into the system and covers the products directly. The very low temperatures of the coolant result in very short freezing times. Similar to the rapid frying of meat, a thin protective layer forms also in flash freezing, preventing the fluid leaking from the food.

For this reason, in cryogenic flash freezing the cellular structure of the foods is not changed, flavour and aspect of the foods remain the same. WEBfactory delivers the adequate software for the monitoring and visualization of the flash freezing process. 

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