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German Solar AG Cottbus

During the end of 2010 the last partial field was commissioned, achieving the maximum service capacity of the installation of 8 MWp. In order for the user and the investors to be certain that from the existing sunlight the optimal energy is retrieved, WEBfactory developed web-based remote monitoring to provide permanent insight into the system.

The German company German Solar AG was instrumental in planning and building the solar park Zerre on the site of the former power station in Trattendorf. The solar park was built in eight months on a 20 acre construction site and consists of eight individual mini-parks with a capacity of approximately 1 MWp (Megawatt peak – measurement unit for maximum capacity). Throughout the planning, development and execution stages of the project special care was given to compliance with the environmental protection standards, therefore the stilt construction was built from Mark Brandenburg pine.

Mounted on these long –living and CO2-neutral constructions there are two rows of 40,000 solar modules assembled in total. 564 inverters convert the direct current generated from the power grid into alternative current. WEBfactory delivers the required technology for the registration and monitoring of operational data in the solar park. 

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