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EWE AG in Oldenburg

Climate change, incresed live expectancy and the advances possibilities will change future living substatialy. The Home must also be energy efficient and age appropriate, conserve resources, be safe and comfortable. The modern building automation system can reconcile these different demands and challenges. Experts agree that the building automation sector will experience a boom in the future years.

Intelligent technologies could possibly switch on the washing machine at the moment when the self-sufficient energy supply of the house creates more energy than it consumes. The WEBfactory software for building automation facilitates the visualization, monitoring and intelligent controls of this heterogeneous landscape of devices and systems. EWE, the largest energy provider for the north-western part of Germany, has installed different technologies in its “Zentrum Zukunft“, for the purpose, among others, of highlighting the concept of decentralised energy supply and invites interested persons to pay visits and train on site. The entire building consists of an energy plant, an exhibition area, training rooms and a three-story residential area. The latter, in the form of a cube, is a building within a building that is distributed over three levels and comprises a kitchen, a bedroom and a living room. Thanks to the carefully thought-through architecture energy production equipment and innovative developments can be integrated together with minimal effort.

Market partners, schools, universities, trade companies, architecture and planning offices as well as communities and associations are encouraged to look and learn so that they may form an opinion of what is possible now and what will soon to be possible. 

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