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DHL AirHub Leipzig

Humans experience the world mainly through their eyes and react to visual stimuli with particular intensity. No wonder that modern automation technology absolutely requires visualization on the man - machine interface. In process web-based visualization, solutions such as the SCADA/ HMI software from WEBfactory are leading the way. Thanks to open standards you can compile various machines or production systems without any significant effort using one unified user interface and monitor them online. Due to the WEBfactory smart alarm management, customers are able to respond immediately and automatically in case of exceedances (e.g. by appropriately defined alarm chains). Not only the manufacturing and production plants benefit from these functionalities, but also the entire intra-logistics sector.

The DHL airfreight hub at the Leipzig/Halle airport handles 1,500t of cargo every working day. In the 400m long sorting hall, approximately 100,000 packages, large envelopes and unpackaged goods can be handled every hour. The 6.5 km long belt conveyors are arranged in four levels, one on top of the other and are completely automated. To achieve such operation, the automation technology, starting with the simplest sensor and ending with the storage programmable controls, must work reliably. Constant monitoring is mandatory for a fast response to any error message. Only in this way system standstills can be avoided or at least minimised.

The visualization of all measurement values, switching states and complex sorting installations was therefore an important subject. Thanks to the web-based visualization solution of WEBfactory, some 40,000 online values, 75,000 alarm messages and some 15,000 historical values of various system components are visualized and managed. 

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