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Airport in Danzig

Nowadays, the man-machine interface of modern automation technology has become practically indispensable. The more comprehensive the technology, the more trained is the operating staff to imagine such visualization in order to be able to react reasonably at any time. The web-based SCADA systems (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) provide ideal conditions in this respect. Thanks to the open standards, you can monitor the most distinctive machines or whole production facilities and you can consolidate them on a single user interface. The manufacturing and production facilities, as well as the entire logistic field take advantage of this. Also air passengers benefit from it nowadays. In Airport Danzig, for example, a state-of-the-art visualization solution contributes to the quick, safe and protective dispatch and transport of the baggage. As an expert in intralogistics solutions, BEUMER Group (see Company Profile), has managed to make a name for itself worldwide. The range of solutions comprises innovative conveyor and loading technologies, palletizing and packaging technologies, as well as automatic sorting and distribution systems for the most diverse industrial sectors, ranging from beverage, food and construction materials industries to chemistry, mail-order business and warehouse logistics all the way to baggage handling. Countless airline passengers can be impressed meanwhile by the practicality of the systems, for example, in Danzig Airport. The latter was fully modernized and renovated over a period of two years, just in time for the European Football Championship in 2012, at a cost of around 60 million EUR. The BEUMER autover® baggage transport system provides for high-speed, reliable baggage handling from checkin to departure gate. For this purpose, a 506-m-long rail system with 44 carriers, the BEUMER autoca, as well as 20 conveyor belts and twelve terminal stations were assembled in the terminal building.

Safe from Check-in to the Gate

The baggage is transferred immediately after check-in by means of the BEUMER unloading conveyors to the carriers, is subject to a five-stage X-ray check in the baggage hall and finally arrives fully automatically in the target terminal stations, from where the baggage units are loaded and transported to the aircraft. The carriers, which are equipped with their own gear and on-board controller, move autonomously, independently of each other, at a considerable speed of up to five metres per second through the rail sytem. The energy and data are transferred contact-free to the vehicles. This contact-free procedure contributes a great deal to the fact that the transport system is 

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