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WEBfactory Service Levels

Flexible service concept

WEBfactory offers professional support to all requests. This also includes a high-performance service concept. Using the WEBfactory service levels you will obtain the ideal support - to individually suit your needs. If you always want to be up to date with WEBfacotry products, you should take a look at our WEBfactory update service.


You chose the service

You can individually determine the amount of service and support that you need. Select a package that suits your needs the best and chose the priority with which your query should be approached. 


The update service offers free product updates like new features and functionalities, system enhancements, new interfaces or improvements of basic functions

  • 12 Months: 15 % of listed price
  • 24 Months: 27 % of listed price
  • 36 Months: 37 % of listed price
  • 48 Months: 45 % of listed price
  • 60 Months: 51 % of listed price

Remark: Update service is only purchasable in combination with WEBfactory licenses or as a renewal of an existing update service. Subsequent activation of the update service is not possible.

Support packages

Support packages include support via hotline, e-Mail or remote. Service is available during normal office hours between 8 am and 6 pm from Monday to Friday. WEBfactory support packages can be used for any support cases and can be reordered if necessary. Invoicing will be accomplished quarter-hourly.


Silver - services

  • Hotline-Support
  • E-Mail-Support
  • Remote-Support
  • Response time: 12 hours


Gold - services

  • Hotline-Support
  • E-Mail-Support
  • Remote-Support
  • Response time: 8 hours

Remark: Response time counts for making contact during support hours. Declared hours are working hours.

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