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The hierarchic information levels of  i4Energy


At the highest level i4Energy gives you an oversight of all the locations in your group. Members of the top management may consider group-wide target achievement in the area of management level. On a level of abstraction that is so striking and concentrated that it corresponds with the executive boards’ information requirements. However:  even on this level there are drill-downs possible at any time. All information is available in i4Energy - with a higher degree of details - down to the level of the production area, to the individual machine.


If you move even higher in the i4Energy hierarchy, the information is bundled even stronger. As a plant manager you can use theme based data cubes for instance, with all the information on your location. This allows you to evaluate very complex situations nearly in real time. Findings which may have been obtained in other locations and plants with the local installations, can be used as improvement proposals thanks to i4Energy, to be used for your location.


If you are part of the management or department management, the collected data is probably more interesting for you. You will view energy management simply at the next level; the production hall.   i4Energy delivers information on all the installations and machines of a hall, in a bundled form.  You will work with standardized dashboards and KPIs. This enables you to make reasonable comparisons based on benchmarks or to analyse the differences between the systems.  i4Energy bundles this information for a higher level every 15 minutes.


The first level of  i4Energy opens the detailed view on the actual production systems and machines. You will be informed to the second about all machines, you have almost real-time access to usage information and the analyse functions of i4Energy.

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