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Delta Analysis

Comparing efficiency values, recognising improvement potential


The Delta Analysis module will help you compare the consumption values of two systems. Or you can compare two time intervals of the same system, such as the values of the morning shift with the values of the afternoon shift. Using these comparative analyses you can identify anomalies at once. You will immediately see: Which processes are running less energy efficient - or when they are doing it. Delta-Analysis also shows you, where you can start and where you need to act.

It is not only time-frames, systems or areas that you can compare using Delta Analysis - the module also allows you to make insightful comparisons between the uses of two different mediums. The filter Panel of the module allows you to simply select the media, areas, KPIs or time-frames you are interested in. The search and filter functions will assist you already during the input by providing you with a list of propositions for possible terms - for a simple, targeted search.

The Delta Analysis Module shows you the comparison in the form of a clear line diagram. You will see the differences at first glance, for example between Hall 1 Hall 2, between MWh  and MW or between March 2014 and March 2015. This will make it easier for you to recognise optimization potential or problems, or when to change a device due to its high energy consumption.  

Just click on the Toggle-Button to decide which visualisation you prefer for the line diagram: wheatear it is minimal, maximal, average, delta values or KPIs you want to see for the different media. Also you can select the time-frame yourself (1h / 1 shift / 1 day/ 1 week/ 1 month/ 1 year). In addition, you can define one or more starting points for your comparison.

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