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Consumption curves

Your load profile analysis with dynamic KPIs


The consumption curves module is one of the most important tools you will use on a daily basis for your energy management. A relevant load profile analysis  will be provided to you at once, and help you identify anomalies in your medium consumption. The clear consumption curves will show you all special aspects of your load profile, be they typical for consumption peaks during shifts or a continuous growth. You will also recognize the measurement values records at a glance.

Using the consumption curves module you will be able to check every day, or even every shift, if everything is in the green. To this and you can freely combine production information, counter values and measurement values from various areas of your systems or machines.  Available filters are location, business unit, cost centre, buildings, machines or counters. Your filtration process will be supported by a search function, which will show you a list of propositions with possible terms during the input (auto search). You can select individual data sources or more data sources - which you can visualise at the same time. Even the time-frames desired and the detailed degree of the diagram visualisation you choose yourself.

For instance you can check the energy consumption depending on temperature or depending on the produced pieces. Another very interesting KPI: Medium consumption per produced piece. Individual energy consumptions can be compared with various approved identifiers (min., max., average, and sum).  Please select these aggregated values simply by clicking the respective toggle button, they are shown in a line diagram.

The diagram types- bars or line diagrams - can be established for the respective type of medium. The subsequent consumption curves will be adjusted automatically to your configurations. This allows you to see the energy consumption (MWh) always as a bar diagram and the power (MW) as a line diagram.

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