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Become independant

WEBfactory i4Energy makes you completely manufacturer-independent. A huge advantage especially in heterogeneous metrology landscapes of large corporations. For WEBfactory i4Energy allows you to quickly and easily connect to all common measuring instruments and sensors.

You will work with standardized interfaces: CSV / XML - Ennovatis Smartbox - Lertes - Modbus TCP - OPC UA / DA - Phoenix - WEBfactory SCADA. Thanks to the integrated coupling with the SCADA WEBfactory, you even create an optimum cycle of measurement and control data. For a load management almost in real-time.

Heterogeneous gauges landscape? No Problem!

Via standard interfaces you connect the measurement technology of any manufacturer. Our software makes you independent of a specific hardware.

Even faster than in real-time cannot be

We offer processing speeds almost in real-time. For users, this means: energy management ad hoc, in seconds.

Here you can read data - and write back

Implement an integrated load management - almost in real-time. Thanks to the integrated coupling with SCADA WEBfactory, you can measure and control immediately.

Quick response in each measurement disorder

Our alarm manager alerts you when critical errors and warnings appear. In the Alarm overview you can see location and measuring instrument.

Calibration dates are always in view

You store all relevant data for each of your meter and sensor - including the entire calibration history and the next calibration date.

Overview over the different i4Energy License Models

You can get WEBfactory i4Energy as an Open Cloud, Private Cloud or On Premisses solution.

Open Cloud

  • Datawarehouse Technology
  • Data Processing in nearly real-time
  • 100% HTML5
  • Highest Data Safety - running in the Infrastructure of WEBfactory
  • full flexibility and cost control
  • easily active needed functions
  • no contract term - no investment necessary
  • monthly billing of actual usage
  • No cost for IT and Administration
  • free Software updates

Private Cloud

  • Datawarehouse Technology
  • Data processing in nearly real-time
  • 100% HTML5
  • Highest data safety - running in your iown infrastructure
  • full flexibility and cost control
  • monatlich einfach die benötigten Funktionen aktivieren
  • no contract term - no investement needed
  • monthly billing of actual usage
  • customisable to meet CI
  • free Software updates

On Premise

You can of course buy WEBfactory i4Energy as well! Please contact the Sales Department for more information.


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