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The decision for results

With WEBfactory i4Energy you select a system that every employee, who wants to use, also likes to use. It is 100% web-based and browser-independent. The modern, user-friendly interface adapts to the terminal size. Your users get the information they need in almost real-time - with the most comfortable operation.

The system meets the requirements of ISO 50001 and works with any measurement hardware. In case of enterprise use, there are no client licenses - so you can integrate almost every employee. With WEBfactory i4Energy you worry not only for power control refund, but you also achieve significant cost savings.

Energy management for all, enterprise-wide

Anyone you have specified in your company can access our completely web-based system. He/she immediately gets the information he/she needs.

Pricing models according to your needs

According to your specific business needs, you can use the system based on three different pricing models: Sell, Private Cloud, Open Cloud.

Energy consumption per produced part

The system can freely combine data, signals and measured values from any source: to dynamic KPIs. In this way you even find out the energy consumption per produced part.

Speed, which sets standards

The system provides information and ad hoc analyses within seconds. Equally at a touch of a button. This is due to modern data warehouse technology.

Acceptance by the simplest operating concept

The system interface is attractive, clearly arranged and user-friendly. With a modern look, tile design submenus and often with comfortable touch control.

Overview over the different i4Energy License Models

You can get WEBfactory i4Energy as an Open Cloud, Private Cloud or On Premisses solution.

Open Cloud

  • Datawarehouse Technology
  • Data Processing in nearly real-time
  • 100% HTML5
  • Highest Data Safety - running in the Infrastructure of WEBfactory
  • full flexibility and cost control
  • easily active needed functions
  • no contract term - no investment necessary
  • monthly billing of actual usage
  • No cost for IT and Administration
  • free Software updates

Private Cloud

  • Datawarehouse Technology
  • Data processing in nearly real-time
  • 100% HTML5
  • Highest data safety - running in your iown infrastructure
  • full flexibility and cost control
  • monatlich einfach die benötigten Funktionen aktivieren
  • no contract term - no investement needed
  • monthly billing of actual usage
  • customisable to meet CI
  • free Software updates

On Premise

You can of course buy WEBfactory i4Energy as well! Please contact the Sales Department for more information.


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