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Collect data...

Analyse data...

Visualise data...

Obtain valuable information from your data!

WEBfactory stands for online collection of data and the processing of valuable information almost in real time for visualisation and control of your processes, but also for analysis and prediction of events. We collect the data precisely where it occurs: directly on sensors, in the PLC systems or in your MES/ERP system and link this data to information. Available interfaces to common protocols and automation devices make this possible.

Graphically appealing cockpits/dashboards and libraries are available that can be adapted to your application. Through use of HTML5 all major browsers and devices can be used for display.

  • Collect data

    WEBfactory makes you completely independent of manufacturers and enables you to easily connect to all common PLC systems, measuring devices and sensors.

  • Analyse data

    WEBfactory processes, compresses and structures the collected data and stores it in the WEBfactory i4 Data Warehouse – optimised for fast queries.

  • Visualise data

    WEBfactory is 100% HTML5-based and it works with every browser, at any location, on every end device, and for every authorised employee.


  • i4connected

    i4connected, our Industrial-Internet-of-Things (IIoT) platform provides you with modules for remote monitoring, SCADA, for maintenance, analysis and energy management. These modules can be combined for the specific application and additional i4connected smart services can be used.

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  • i4SCADA

    i4SCADA is our 100% web-based SCADA/HMI software, with which you can create state-of-the-art process visualisations with individual design for your machines, your production and manufacturing facilities, as well as your building management system.

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  • i4BACnet

    i4BACnet is one of the world's only standard communication protocol for building automation in accordance with ISO 16484-5: Data Communication Protocol for Building Automation and Control Networks. The BACnet standard is a strict requirement for most building automation tenders.

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Benefit from i4 Products

  • Complete mobility through the networking of machines and plants
  • Fast decisions through dashboard visualizations
  • 100% HTML5-based
  • Manufacturer-independent connection of controllers, measuring devices and sensors
  • Accessible anywhere, with every browser and every end device
  • Discover "Machine-as-service" as a new business model
  • Integration of relevant information through customer-specific KPIs
  • Preparation, processing, and analysis of all enterprise data


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