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Digitalization 4.0 with WEBfactory

Energy Management - i4Energy

Reducing energy costs sustainably

WEBfactory i4Monitoring

Increase productivity with realtime KPI

WEBfactory i4Maintenance

Prevent production stagnation predictively

Digitalization 4.0 with WEBfactory i4


WEBfactory i4 is a modular web based software platform for visualization, monitoring, evaluation and the operation of all company or building data. These data can be captured directly at the lowest level of the value chain - from meters, machines or plants via corresponding interfaces and processed and visualized without media disruption.

The platform contains products from sections like SCADA and HMI, energy management, condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, forecasting and evaluation. Each of these products consists of individual modules that can be combined and expanded at any time: from the single-user application to the company-wide platform - On Premise or as a software as a service in the cloud. This provides a customized solution for your company, which you can already implement in your digitalization strategy today.

WEBfactory i4 - Platform

i4 Platform

WEBfactory i4 Energy

Energy management for production companies and facility management according to ISO 50001.

WEBfactory i4 SCADA

Process visualization for operation and monitoring of machines, plants and building management.

WEBfactory i4Monitoring

Continuous monitoring and intelligent evaluations of operating and condition data in real time KPI.

WEBfactory i4Maintenance

Condition based maintenance for optimizing maintenance costs while maximizing the plant availability.

WEBfactory i4 Analytics

Predefined key figures and analysis (programming language R) to recognize patterns and create forecasts as a basis for machine learning.



WEBfactory i4 - Architecture


Data presentation

WEBfactory is 100% HTML5 based and works with any browser, anywhere, on any device, and for any authorized employee.



Data processing

WEBfactory processes, consolidates and structures the collected data and saves it in the WEBfactory i4 data warehouse - optimized for fast queries.



Data collection

WEBfactory enables a complete independance of any manufacturer, which allows to quickly and easily connect all common PLC controls, measuring devices and sensors.



WEBfactory i4 - Modular structure

Modular structure

Division into individual modules

The WEBfactory i4 platform and its products are subdivided into individual modules, which differ mainly in the processing and presentation of the recorded and calculated data.

Specific modules for each WEBfactory product

For example, i4Energy contains evaluations that are typical of energy management, such as Sankey diagram, consumption , Annual load duration line u.v.m. i4Monitoring on the other hand contains evaluations for OEE, machine availability and interference frequency.

Create your individual application

Combinations of these individual modules and evaluations can be used for customized user applications.



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All WEBfactory solutions now also available in the cloud!

Our web based WEBfactory i4 software platform with its modular products can now also be used as an IoT solution in the cloud.


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